Virtual Skies

Mudéjar art is configured by hybrid architectural artefacts performed in the last days of Muslim presence in the Iberian Peninsula, just before European renaissance. This inter-cultural dialogue through artistic expression lasted, right through romanticism with its idealized perspective of the East, until our days in what is called neo-mudéjar, a way of searching for a Spanish nationalistic identity in the late 19th century holding hands with industrial revolution.

But what is this dialogue all about? It is a construction of a material place with visual properties that communicates a specific way of perceiving beauty. It is a human copy of patterns and order, the very same that today we believe underlay the hole universe known to us. A cosmic vision beyond common visual representation. Primarily geometric, emanating light through its complex structures, dialoguing with elements in evokation of nature. A fully emotional aesthetic experience.



Have you ever seen people struggling to possess the sky? If you were to make your own one as close as possible to the distant ceiling of our existance, how would it be? Would you feel contented looking at any one of these before falling to sleep?:



What about petrified flowers blossoming forever on your walls? Would these be enough to satisfy the eternal desire for the spring of life?:



Can you hear the stream of water? Do not forget to hold the scent and feel the air caressing your skin. Now, exhale until nothing remains inside. Here is a digital sky for XXI Mudéjar aesthetic lovers:



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